We aim to work with and support young people to develop into high performing athletes, by providing training programmes tailored with a four-corner system, i.e. technical, physical, physiological and sociological, all of which will have at its foundation, basic education in Maths and English, Football coaching and fitness to be used to inspire the young people, which we aim to use to inspire, create and lead positive change in their communities and societies.


This will be football- based, promoting Girls and woman empowerment. Girls as young as 10-12 years are expected to take responsibility, care of the home and family matters, siblings, and house chores. We will be challenging this traditional norm by tailoring opportunity for the young talented girls / the ones that want to stay active in a sport environment, providing the four corner system i.e. technical, physical, physiological and sociological and  also providing basic education in Maths and English, football coaching and fitness to become influential role models that will inspire, create and lead positive change to young girls  in their communities and societies.


We will create opportunities, help develop people’s character, provide leadership trainings for the young people help them explore their talents and fully develop their potentials through our holistic vocational training programmes, such as  Carpentry, Masonry, Tailoring, Arts & crafts.


Bridging cultural diversities through sustainable educational programmes that will facilitate mutuality in building relationships and networks across nations and communities. Thus, opening exchange programmes with traveling and learning and development opportunities.


We will be focusing on the physical, mental and social wellbeing of our boys and girls helping them to understand these areas of wellbeing to aid their sporting and academic potential. We will be covering sport and exercise science which gives theoretical knowledge and practical application of scientific principles relating to physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, biomechanics and psychology to maximise sports performance and improve general wellbeing through exercise and not forgetting the teaching of hygiene.


We are trying to provide support and help to these children in every way possible, and in our media section we will educate the children on how to make use of recording equipment and also be able to share their stories. We want to educate them to utilise the power of social media, we teach the children how to use cameras to vlog