As we believe ‘EVERYONE IS BORN AND RAISED TO BECOME A STAR’, your donation and support of any kind will go a long way to change lives and build well prepared future leaders. Kindly help this project and you can rest assured that whatever you donate will be put to the best use to help the next generation of mentors, role models and leaders reach their potential. 


Our residential facilities will consist of football pitches and classrooms, that will be built to high standards. This would create the best environment for the education and holistic development of the young people. The residential facilities will be of sufficiently high standards that sport teams and clubs at national and international levels would be able to use them for sporting, educational and meeting purposes. The facilities will be used as a learning institution for the young people and some would be offered scholarship opportunities to attend the academy. All these would help instil a sense of responsibility as we give back to society through sustainable projects and activities including:

• Tournaments and football camps

• Education, skills, character development programs, fashion and beauty shows

• Schools and community learning initiatives

• Talent identification in Sierra Leone and neighbouring countries.

• Ambassador representations and Brand Ambassadors for your corporate and marketing events

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