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We believe that people are likely to be attracted to interests that are intricately connected with their race, culture, heritage, social background or status. As such, TK Born and Raised Academy will seek to formulate thematic concepts and events that enhance and reaffirm this ethos. We aim to strengthen the interface with those living in the diaspora and promote cross-cultural values and interests through fashionable brands. This includes countries of origin, birth, naturalisation or settlement regardless of age. Our philosophy about fashion is that it is a vehicle for harmonising identity, increasing pride and patriotism, practising tolerance, and through exhibitions using it to showcase that reconnection or interfacing.

Rehabilitating young offenders in our communities is a central theme of our work and our rationale is to use sports and education to help do this. We believe that this is not only good for social cohesion, networking and character building generally, it will give them positive things to do which would help wean them off their idleness and nurture them into responsible citizens in a way that contributes towards personal development and wellbeing. Sports has been identified as a unifier, regardless of individual or collective difficulties or national frontiers. We therefore aim to work with many agencies so that the young people will benefit from an integrated but bespoke delivery of service, learning and coordination of projects. Young people will be engaged in education through sport, fashion, health and wellbeing, and beauty. This could create career pathways through our programmes by working very closely with Local Authorities and through our connection with the football club, the Metropolitan Police Service. Sport, fashion, health and wellbeing, and beauty are a trendy topic with young people, especially on social media, and some young people have made a career from their blogging, vlogging, and making YouTube videos online. Some of these activities are important ways for young people to connect with each other by social networking, which we believe leads to cohesion, unity of mind and purpose and that spiritual feeling oneness. This will serve as the medium for providing the following: